Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Chronic Pain

There is so much to be said about chronic pain, in the the mind, in the body and in the heart. Pain management requires patience, understanding and empathy.

My introduction to chronic pain occurred several years ago when I suffered lifting two plates from the cabinet. I couldn’t understand how there was so much difficulty from such a minor event?

After a positive rheumatoid arthritis rating, I was seeking alternative ways of being. In the end, I was lucky to find it out that I was suffering from tendinitis, in both elbows. Either way, this was a wake up call and an opportunity for me to understand what it must be like for others who suffer, in a much more debilitating way.

The thing about chronic pain is that it is ongoing and because of that, it is a relationship. Like it or not, we have to talk to this haunting presence.

In the work that needs to be done, we will develop your ability to communicate with the very thing that distresses you most. We can work on methods of self talk to “talk it down.” Working with imaginal imagery, journaling and spiritual development, we can set the goal toward healing.

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