I feel like depression is an organic response to extraordinary demands of the world around us. I also think that it is a symptom that occurs in people, like me, who are naturally introverted. There are times, when met with demands like happy, successful and strong, my aggression turns inward and depletes whatever motivation that had potential.

I want others to know that depression is real... and it's tolerable. 

I remember a day that I could feel a sadness, but I wasn't giving in. It took the entire day and depression was nipping at my heels. Still resisting, I wrapped up my day, took a shower and settled in on the sofa for the evening. Yet... Still there. ‚ÄčLike a haunting, the essence of a spirit kept calling to me and I called back.

In my mind, I asked..."What do you want?"

He said, "I just want you to slow down and take care of yourself."

And then it was as if a wave washed through me. I could feel the passing and within twenty minutes, it lifted.

Depression has become a villain to us culturally. It's not healthy for us to be alone, sad, reflective, nostalgic. Yet for some, this is a chance to refuel, recharge and reengage.

As far as I'm concerned, therapy has the ability to "host" these uncomfortable and yet soothing feelings.

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