Spiritual Creative Growth

Spiritual and Creative exploration is by far the most exciting part of your therapy. Your willingness to explore your existing spiritual values and your relationship with “something” bigger than you is the foundation for the most creative and magical therapeutic experience. 

Everyone, regardless of spiritual or religious belief, has a relationship to the unknown... a relationship with what cannot be understood. Your creative spiritual exploration is unique to you and as expansive as you design.

Below is an excerpt from my own journaling that ponders spirit and soul.

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"Someone once said to me that your soul only travels at 35 miles per hour. This makes perfect sense to me. It seems to account for that hollow feeling after a long plane trip or the subtle vibration that continues to resonate after riding in a car for more than an hour. So... with this in mind, it makes me think about, both our physical and emotional travels, and I wonder with all of the comings and goings in our lives, are we there yet?

I'm afraid that, perhaps, we have all colluded with the idea that higher, faster, better, stronger and richer are all of in the "spirit" of being good or happy... whatever good and happy might mean at any given moment. This leaves me left with the question... what is the relationship between spirit and soul?

It seems to me that spirit is curiosity while soul is knowingness. My mind goes to "in the spirit of" and "soul searching." These are two very different dynamics and they are a polar approach to, what I think, is ultimately the same destination...a mindful experience."