One of my clients had asked me, “Does the trauma, rather the effects of the trauma, ever go away?” I had to be honest. My gut said to me that trauma lives in my skin from day to day and that is has become a part of me. 

I understand trauma to be an exterior assault to your being that evokes a primitive unconscious need for survival. That assault can trigger all of your senses, demanding hypervigilance. 

Trauma is visceral. It lives in our skin from moment to moment. Trauma reacts in our body before we have the chance to understand what is actually happening around us.

The hurdle is how to make trauma work for you rather than it be a constant undermining of your spirit. In our work, we will seek ways to self-sooth in order to contain the imagined threats. Ultimately, we will seek to transform your past experience of victim into your present being of survivor.

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